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 RCR Fabrication

is a synoptic design-for-production, prototyping facility, fully equipped to bring your product to market.


By providing you with a fully digital, online experience until the delivery of your digital or machined parts, we've simplified the consulting process. Now, you can get your design sooner and streamlined on a digital platform.

RCR 2.0


       RCR Fabrication & Design Inc. began as a full-service, procurement material, fabrication, and machine shop specializing in fast prototyping using 3D CAD modeling for part or assembly design.

       Recently, we've reframed the business and moved away from welded and custom architectural designs. RCR 2.0 is focused on developing products for prototyping and production, expanding into CAM for CNC milling, reductive or additive machining, and 3D parametric modeling

From Concept to Creation 

We work in Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Copper, Phenolic resins, Plastics, Meteor, Nickel and other mediums. Offering fabrication using Mills, lathes, precision forming - Press Brake work and Water Jet cutting of almost any material, and if we can't do it, we'll coordinate with another machining facility so you don't have to.

About Ralph

Ralph Royer brings 35 years of manufacturing experience to the table converting RCR Fabrication and Design’s 24 years business platform into a multitude of remote online services.

Ralph’s stellar knowledge includes computer-aided design of components, assemblies, and details in almost any format and programming of CNC machines. G code for most any machining center.


Image 1-13-23 at 1.43 PM.jpg



  • AWS Certified Welding Educator 

  • CNC programming

  • Manual Machining 

  • Industrial Vehicle Driving Instructor

  • PLC Systems


  • AWS Certification of Qualified Welders in Structural Steel and Aerospace


  • AWS Inspector Certificate #11061241

  • AWS welding Inspector since 2011

  • State Contractors License C51 #884098


SV Quo

Recently, Ralph has also been dabbling with marine technology, following his fascination with boats and their inter-workings. Joule Marine is the product of a love for design and dedication to environmental sustainability. SV Quo was his first endeavor to construct a completely self-sustaining vessel operated by solar energy. Now he's committed to helping other sailors embark on greener nautical adventures.

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