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Innovative Design and Engineering 

RCR Fabrication & Design



RCR specializes in fast prototyping using 3D CAD modeling for part or assembly design. We expanded into CAM for CNC milling, reductive or additive machining, 3D printing and lathe work.


We are a fully functioning machining shop specializing in design, product development, production, and proof of concept. Visit our About page to learn more about the founder and building of RCR


RCR has developed a wide range of functional, technical, and aesthetic pieces. Visit our Gallery to view our welding series, waterjet cutouts, 3D printing, vehicles, staircases, statues. 


"the  action or process of manufacturing or inventing something"

Fabrication is the process of working with materials to create individual parts, assemblies, or large-scale structures and includes a correspondingly wide range of skills, processes, and tools.


Modern manufacturing processes, though diverse and specialized, can be categorized as additive or reductive machining, forming, cutting, or joining processes. Today's shops include a number of machine tools capable of creating a precise, useful workpiece from many approaches.

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We specialize in designing for CNC manufacturing, utilizing computer-generated 3D models to create products by additive or reductive machining. From single component parts to full assemblies, we'll facilitate your product from concept to creation.  

CNC Milling, Turning, Machining 

Parametric Design and 3D Modeling

Precision Modifying and Fabrication


Innovation leads to the design of cutting-edge products, and RCR uses the best materials to create them. Our shop has experience working with a range of metals, polymers, and natural materials. Committed to sustainability and durability, we focus on environmentally-friendly and reliable components and processing methods.

Image by Fikri Rasyid
Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko



Image by Alexander Grey


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Including stainless steel, copper, and aluminum

Including phenolic, polyurethane, and epoxy

Including PET and HDPE

Including alternative carbon fibers, bamboo, and textiles

Santa Cruz Owned and Operated Since 1996

RCR Fabrication and Design has been bringing quality metal work and innovative design to Santa Cruz, CA for 30 years, working with other local businesses and supporting the community



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